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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered:

Q: How big is the site and how many units are proposed for The Grange?
A: The site is 50 acres (20.5 hectares) and is located opposite the Mater Dei Primary School. The development approval is for 196 detached dwellings.

Q: Is there a Community Centre and when will it be built?
A: The first stage of the $2m community centre is complete. It includes a heated indoor swimming pool, large auditorium, kitchen facilities and café. It will be built in two stages.

Q: Will the whole site be covered by the villas and the community centre?
A: No, there will be an extensive green belt area together with landscaped water features. In 1982 Wagga Wagga City Council in fact approved the development of 104 self contained units on just four hectares of part of this site. That equates to more than 500 units across the 20.5 hectares. Our development is half that size which allows for more green belt areas for the residents to enjoy.

Q: Will there be increased traffic flows in the area?
A: The simple answer is yes. However, the increase is likely to only have a minor impact on the road network. Retired people have little if any affect on peak hour traffic flows. In fact many of the residents of such facilities only venture out on a few occasions each week. To ensure the smooth flow of traffic and to address safety concerns, a special turning lane has been built.

Q: What effect will the development have on the rural landscape of the area?
A: The site is a deep block with a relatively narrow frontage. It also slopes away from Gregadoo Road. The majority of the villas will not be noticeable from the main road nor from the nearby schools and pre school.

Q: Why did you choose The Grange as a name?
A: A vineyard is established at the front of the development. Interested residents will be able to use the grapes to make their own wine, hence the name.

Q: Will the development have any impact on water flowing into Lake Albert?
A: There is a definite likelihood that more water will flow into the lake as a result of this development.

Q: What will be the economic benefits to the Wagga Wagga community?
A: The cost of the facility is estimated to be $35m with a large number of building sub contractors from Wagga Wagga to be employed during the construction stages. Once established, The Grange will employ 26 people and is expected to inject $3m annually into the local community.